Conferences and Conventions with Chatwall

  • Conferences and Conventions with Chatwall
  • At professional events such as business conferences, leadership meetings, conventions, symposiums, and at Q&A sessions or lectures, Chatwall sets a new standard for digital communication between audience members and discussion hosts. Using Chatwall, each participant can easily and anonymously send a question or comment to the presenter via text or a web browser and doesn’t need to brave taking the microphone in front of an audience. Anyone can send their thoughts or comments to the projector screen or display, and the quality and spectrum of the discussion increases.

Corporate Branding

  • Chatwall - Corporate Branding
  • The graphic design of Chatwall can easily be personalized beyond the standard settings to blend in with the design of a Powerpoint presentation. Ask us any questions about design options – we’re happy to help integrate your company’s design into the display.

    Graphic: Chatwall branding.

The virtual photo and text message wall for teambuilding events and parties

  • The virtual photo and text message wall for teambuilding events and parties.
  • With the collected discussion contributions from the audience, the chatwall promotes cooperation and cohesion among the employees of a company and is thus an important component of teambuilding measures in the company.

    In addition to the chatwall, the virtual photo wall "Selfiewall" can also be used in the context of teambuilding. The Selfiewall complements the Chatwall because it receives photos from the event guests' mobile phones and displays them in real time with a projector. With the Selfiewall, every company event and every party becomes a great event with which the participants and guests get involved in the event in a special way because they send photos and text messages from their mobile phones live to the projector of the event. All guests see the sent photos and selfies on the Selfiewall.

    The Selfiewall can be used at corporate teambuilding events and at private parties with family and friends. More ideas and inspiration for birthday parties and weddings can be found here:

    It’s showtime! With the Selfiewall photo show, guests send party photos from their mobile phones live to the party beamer:

    Collect wedding photos and share them with family and friends:

Previous customers

  • Chatwall - Previous customers
  • Examples of our customers are: AOK Health Insurance, Coca Cola, Daimler AG, Berlin Agency for Electromobility eMO, Ferring Medications, O2 Flagship Stores, and other companies, as well as many event hosts and clubs in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.

    We’re happy to adapt Chatwall to the individual needs of your conference, leadership meeting, or Q&A. Get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you might have.