Audience Response – Get Reactions from Your Audience

  • Audience Response – Get Reactions from Your Audience
  • Chatwall receives and displays text messages or comments in real time on a projector screen at any event. For professional events such as business conferences or workshops, Chatwall provides an easy way to get audiences involved in a discussion or give feedback to a host. Chatwall is popular at conferences, conventions, employee gatherings, leadership meetings at companies, networking events, at university lectures or Q&A sessions, as well as at clubs and open-air events or festivals.

    Chatwall is easy to integrate into an event space or presentation and allows every audience member to participant easily via text message or a web browser. Each guest is invited to send their thoughts and feedback to a phone number displayed on the projector screen, and Chatwall receives any messages sent to the number. A few seconds later, messages received appear on the projector, making it easy for the entire audience to follow the discussion and any questions which have been asked. Participants can also answer and react to comments anonymously.

Discuss with Text Message or via a Web Browser using a #Hashtag

  • Discuss with Text Message or via a Web Browser using a #Hashtag
  • Depending on your order, Chatwall offers many different services for your event:

    • Live Chat via text and/or a web browser for cell phones
    • Easy and quick for anyone to use, which therefore leads to a high rate of participation from audience members in a discussion
    • Online moderation page designed for tablets and laptops for the moderator to use while hosting a discussion
    • Host a Chatwall using a personal phone number (standard phone number, no extra fee for participants)
    • Discuss anonymously and spontaneously
    • Corporate branding: Integrate a company’s logo or picture seamlessly into the presentation
    • Automatically send each Chatwall participant a confirmation text
    • Host Chatwall live at employee gatherings, conferences, congresses, leadership meetings, public discussions, workshops, seminars, and at lectures at universities or colleges
    • Join in via text or web browser
    • Get spontaneous crowd feedback
    • Host Q&A sessions and feedback channels

Chatwall is widely supported

  • Chatwall is widely supported
  • Chatting via text message has established itself as one of the most accessible and current forms of communication, as every smartphone can send and receive text messages, regardless of operating platform. Every smartphone user knows how to send and receive texts, and texting is not restricted to select messenger apps or by a username and password. Texting is as alive as ever, and Chatwall uses this to effectively communicate with any group of people.

    In addition to sending text messages, participants also have the option to send messages to Chatwall via a web browser and a #Hashtag decided by the host.