Interactive Events – Get Audiences Involved

  • Interactive Events – Get Audiences Involved
  • Guests at conferences, meetings, and Q&As can join in a discussion easily with Chatwall. Texts and social media are the new standard of communication at not only clubs or parties, but also at business events, leadership meetings, workshops, and symposiums, to name a few. Chatwall’s software receives any and all messages sent via text or the web browser and displays them prominently on a projector screen at the event. Event hosts and moderators can decide which messages are to be displayed.

    Everyone in the audience can read submitted questions, comments, and posts. Hosts and moderators can document the audience’s messages, as well as address specific messages, or group them according to theme. It’s therefore easy to initiate a lively discussion, as the audience has direct influence over which topics are discussed – guests are actively encouraged to contribute instead of staying silent. This results in a dynamic and creative discussion with an engaged audience at any event.

Send Questions and Comments to the Host

  • Send Questions and Comments to the Host
  • Chatwall is an interactive way of receiving feedback at business meetings. It can be more difficult than expected to answer questions and get feedback at events with large audiences – some guests get ignored, and determining which questions are most important is often impossible due to time constraints. Using Chatwall, each audience member has the opportunity to send questions or comments to the host using their phone. In contrast to the traditional method of using a microphone to communicate with audience members, digital methods are much more efficient and effective. Using Chatwall, it is also possible to receive feedback before and after the event, not just during a Q&A session.

Show discussion themes with Word Clouds

  • Show discussion themes with Word Clouds
  • At a glance, word clouds show commonly used words and themes submitted by participants. Terms used more often are written in a bigger font than those submitted less frequently – it’s therefore easy to judge the mood of the audience and see any trends in participant answers. Word clouds can be used to review discussions or meetings after the fact, and is an easy way to organize keywords, suggestions, and reference points for the future.

Don’t be Afraid to Ask Questions

  • SMS Chatwall - text to screen, live communication with SMS and projector
  • Participants need not be afraid to step up to the microphone to ask questions when using Chatwall! Instead, they have time to think over and type up any questions they have and send them anonymously with their cell phone to the host. As such, more people tend to participate, and the quality and range of the questions asked increases – in our experience, around 20 times more people tend to participate when using Chatwall as compared to when using a microphone.

    Join in for free: Using Chatwall as a participant is free of charge – all participants pay is the cost of a sending a text message to a normal phone number, and as many people have gratis text messaging agreements with their service providers, this often costs next to nothing. Alternatively, audience members can join in by sending messages via a free web browser.

Content Moderation

  • SMS Chatwall - text to screen, live communication with SMS and projector
  • The host can read incoming messages, group them together, or manually show certain responses on the projector screen using the moderation page. This way, it is easier to filter out irrelevant responses, steer the conversation in a certain direction, or combine questions that are similar in subject matter. The event organizers can therefore easily control which questions are asked in a meeting, and which themes are covered. Moreover, all questions are documented, and certain, more important topics can be given more attention during a meeting.

    Hosts of Chatwall can also write their own messages and moderate the general discussion between event organizers and participants by asking subject-related questions or leaving relevant comments. The content of the meeting is therefore constantly refreshed, leading to a dynamic discussion for everyone.

    All messages received by Chatwall are saved in an archive and can be reviewed for debriefing after an event. In case not every important question or comment could be addressed during the meeting itself, no messages received are deleted and can be answered or discussed after the fact.