Audience response

  • SMS Chatwall - text to screen, live communication with SMS and projector
  • The Chatwall is the ultimate live communications system for your presentations, parties and large events. Using a video system, projector and screen, it gives visitors and guests the opportunity to spontaneously participate in and influence the event they are visiting. Perfect for conferences, staff meetings, lectures and panel discussions, as well as in discotheques, clubs, parties and open-air events.

    The SMS Chatwall is integrated into the venue and gets all the guests involved by allowing them to directly access the Chatwall via SMS. The SMS Chatwall gives your guests a forum in which every member of the audience is invited to use their mobile phone to send personal messages via SMS to a number shown on the video screen. The SMS Chatwall receives the messages directly, like a cell phone, with no need for an internet connection. A few seconds later, the message appears on the Chatwall. Everything can be seen on the big screen and everyone can respond anonymously with their own contributions.

    This is how the SMS Chatwall works

Reliable Administration

  • SMS Chatwall - Reliable Administration
  • The integrated SMS Chatwall administration module makes it possible to scan and then accept or reject incoming messages before sending them to the screen. A predefined word filter and blacklist rule out abuse.

    The SMS Chatwall administrator can integrate their own messages and images and steer the events by asking relevant questions, giving away free drinks etc. Dynamic contents are always interesting and promise to deliver exciting theme nights, entertainment and variety. The possibilities are endless.

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SMS is widely supported

  • SMS Chatwall - SMS is widely supported
  • Mobile communication via SMS is an established and widely used communications channel and it is more relevant than ever. No matter whether members of your audience have a traditional cell phone or a modern touch screen smartphone, iOS or Android - all mobile phones can send and receive short messages. Each mobile phone user knows how to use SMS and the communication is not limited to specific messenger programs. SMS is more alive than ever and the SMS Chatwall uses this ubiquitous and proven communications system.

    There is no need for any additional devices because each guest has his or her own device with them – their personal mobile phone.

    Conferences and business events