Participants become active

  • SMS Chatwall - text to screen, live communication with SMS and projector
  • The SMS Chatwall gets the audience involved in conferences and panel discussions. It sets new standards in active audience participation - not just at parties or in nightclubs, but even more so at conferences and symposia, in panel discussions or lectures. The software receives short messages from those present and shows them on a large, prominently displayed screen.

    All participants can read the posted messages, comments or questions. Moderators and teachers can track the contributions from the audience and discuss these with their guests on the podium, a great basis for a lively discussion that actively involves all those present. The audience is no longer passive.

    This is how the SMS Chatwall works

Send questions to the speaker

  • SMS Chatwall - text to screen, live communication with SMS and projector
  • Answering questions from the audience at large conferences is more complicated than you might think. Not everyone has the opportunity to ask a question, or time constraints mean that not every relevant question can be dealt with. The SMS Chatwall gives all participants the chance to send an SMS with their concerns to the speakers. This digital form of participation is much more effective for selecting questions and managing time than using a microphone.

    SMS is widely supported

Word cloud shows topics live

  • SMS Chatwall - text to screen, word cloud shows topics live
  • The word cloud shows the words used by the participants at a glance. Frequently written words are shown in large font size, other words in small font size. This allows the mood of the event and thematic tendency to be recognized at a glance. The word cloud can be used for the follow-up of an interactive session. It provides clues, keywords and approaches for the further development of content.

    SMS is widely supported

No inhibitions to ask questions

  • SMS Chatwall - text to screen, live communication with SMS and projector
  • Possible inhibitions about going up to the microphone and asking the moderator or podium guests questions do not exist when using the SMS Chatwall. Everyone can write their comments and send it as a text message, completely relaxed and anonymous, right from their cell phone to the SMS Chat Wall. This gives you a larger circle of active participants, which can benefit both the quality and the breadth of discussion. Interesting lead-ons find their way into the discussion.

    Free participation: participation in the SMS Chatwall is free, i.e. it is not a premium service, there are no costly telephone numbers. Each SMS sent to the SMS Chatwall, only costs as much as a standard SMS. If members of the audience have a flat rate or a monthly contingent then sending an SMS can even be free.

    Sending an SMS to the screen

Everything under control

  • SMS Chatwall - text to screen, live communication with SMS and projector
  • The moderator or event manager can first read all the incoming SMS in the administration module and then send selected text contributions to the screen manually, thereby controlling the discussion. The organiser can control, monitor and manage the event topics, block questions that do not fit the theme and bundle repeated questions into a single one. All messages are documented and significant topics can be more clearly addressed.

    For the post-event analysis, all of the messages that were received can be reviewed because these are all stored in the SMS Chatwall message archive.

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